Cathy & Rob Morin

One day, while feeding the birds in their backyard, Rob came up with a revelation. He had recently read that to be happy you should make your hobby your profession. We both enjoyed feeding wild birds so a plan for opening a birding store was hatched. I was not convinced that spending our life’s savings on a new business made sense with the uncertainty of Rob’s employment. Quite frankly, I thought he had fallen off a train and hit his head, but I listened. We opened The Bird House in 2005. We looked at many locations before deciding on this building. The parking lot allows ample room for group buses, delivery trucks, and off street parking. Our goals include expanding our retail store space to accommodate new lines. We try to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. We carry seed to their vehicles and, on occasion, we even make deliveries. Their no-hassle return policy is good for any reason. Please drop in and see us! ~Cathy


1915 Lake Avenue, North Muskegon, MI

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